Experience Matters

We at Dakkak believe and provide a lifetime travel experience that is created with the outstanding partnership between our committed staff, and loyal clients.

Welcome to Dakkak Group

Omran Dakkak

CEO / President

Ziad Dakkak

CEO / President

It is an honour to invite you to join Dakkak Group for exceptional Travel experiences where the skies are our compass to the world. We at Dakkak believe a lifetime travel experience is created with the outstanding partnership between our committed staff, and loyal clients.

Founded in 1955, Dakkak has over 50 years in-depth experience in travel within the Middle Eastern region. The Experience gained by Dakkak allows us to look beyond the ordinary in order to provide you with the extraordinary.

During the decades, we have experienced substantial growth within the group. With the commitment of our staff, our restless market research, our updated technologies and travel trends, we continuously aim to be a step ahead in our field reaching new milestones within both the local and global sphere.

Nonetheless, we are Dakkak never settle, our success stems from our belief in growth. With the passing of each year, we aim to add a new paradigm to our group. Having several offices representing our operations.

Believing in the importance of the community, Dakkak never fails to give back to the community ethically and sustainably through socially responsible actions and programs.

The success story of Dakkak starts with a vision and is guided by the goal of always providing our clients with the best. Our clients are our inspiring force to grow and give above and beyond. As the Famous Khalil Gibran who comes from our Middle Eastern Region once said: it is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Coming from the region known for its generous giving and hospitality, here at Dakkak, we aim to embody the customs and traditions of our ancestors to ensure our clients have a smile of absolute content on their face.

We praise our strong team, and loyal clients for helping us write our own story of success. The efforts and achievements of each and every one of them sparks the Flames of our success today, and for the many years to come.

Our Mission

Raise the standards of global travel by offering the most distinguished and high quality travel experiences through ensuring we remain sustainable, client-based and effective in all our products and services within the travel industry.

Our Vision

Creating outstanding experiences by being the most pioneering and leading travel company in the region with trust and high quality service at our core

Our Values

Our Values represent the basis of the development of our Business

Focus on Customers “Customers First”

Development of our Staff


Consistence Service

Value of Money

Global Vision

Passion for Work

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism