Dakkak Meetings & Conferences

For management retreats or discreet deliberations, the Dead Sea is a popular getaway. Just half and hour from Amman airport, a winding road takes your clients through the ancient Ammonite hills to the lowest spot on earth. It’s a timeless world, where lush gardens, sophisticated spa treatments and floating in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea offer tranquil moments of relaxation between meeting sessions.

Petra is another magical spot, where participants can completely escape to a five-star eco-tourism village in the mountains or a luxurious Resort near the entrance to the Nabatean city’s once secret treasures.

Aqaba, Jordan’s year-round sun and water resort, Jordan’s special economic zone already offers two five-star options for important gatherings. Numerous new facilities will be part of its renaissance as a focal point of international commerce. Amman, being the Capital City has second to none meeting spaces and facilities. Hotel meeting spaces can accommodate from 10 up to 1500 delegates.

Planning and managing a conference can be a huge undertaking. It requires energy, dedication and attention to detail. At the outset there are many things to consider.

  • Who will underwrite the conference?
  • Who will deal with your delegates?
  • Accommodation?Budgeting?

Using a professional organizer is beneficial because we can prepare a comprehensive project plan and administrative timetable for you who will outline key milestones and considerations throughout the lifespan of your project.

Choosing Dakkak Events will give you access to considerable buying power which has been established through our very successful leisure travel division which has been in operation for over 50 years.

All of our preferred hotels have excellent meeting rooms to accommodate from 10 – 1500 persons, equipped with basic AV requirements. Additional equipments can be easily arranged upon your request.